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About Hilda

The process of creating art – is an art. The person who enjoys art the most – is the artist. And this is the reason I paint.
~Hilda Yuet-Yi Chen

Hilda was born in Hong Kong, she always have an interest in painting & literature since young. She spent 4 years in the southern hemispere and received her Bachelor of Design & Communication degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (R.M.I.T.), Australia. She has been working to further her career as a Canadian fine artist after she settled in Canada.

Hilda always has passion painting people. She has been painting her father with pencil since she was 10. She would make the painting into a birthday cards. Her father is the earliest collector of her work.

When painting people, she is feeling the brush stroke on the canvas as if the brush is touching the model. As she paint, she is constantly searching the inner expression of the model and a deeper feeling of her artwork – presenting through bold colour and quick stroke.
Her curiosity nature always brings her to new painting direction. Having artistic influence from Asia, Australia & North America, she is always striking for creative design & unique colour in her work. Hilda is very adventurous in art creation and constantly trying new techniques, searching for inspirations, learning & breaking the rules.