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About my DVD

I would always recommend my DVD for student who want to learn faster and more. In the video I can explain the process of painting in much more details with demonstrations.

Chinese painting materials DVD

The Chinese material DVD gives you an overview of all the art supplies involve with Chinese brush painting, it teaches you how to differentiate good/bad painting material, what they are, how and when to use them…etc. you will not find much information in the market explain Chinese painting material, especially in English, with in depth details like this one. The quality and variety of Chinese material varied so much that some student get confused, or they’ve got the bad quality material therefore they cannot get the result they want. So it is very important to know the materials well before you start.

Prawn DVD

The prawn DVD is kind of a beginner lesson which is more simple to start. You will focus to practise colour loading, brush stroke and abstract composition. It also include a student Do & Don’t section to remind you of the common mistake you may make when it is your turn to do it.

Painting Great Blue Heron and Paintin Chickadee

The other two DVD I have is painting Great Blue Heron and Chickadee. Both of them have different techniques you can learn, but I would recommend Great blue heron as your second lesson, it may looks difficult to try but if you follow the DVD step by step, it is really not that hard. Chickadee maybe more challenging for some student because the composition of a painting is more difficult.