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Acrylic classes supplies list

Acrylics are a popular medium due to their easy application and great colour diversity. This relaxed course takes you step by step from basic drawing and painting techniques to more individual approaches. Gain a firm foundation in the use of this versatile medium, then develop your personal style.  Bring what you have and discuss materials with the tutor at first lesson.   The classes are challenging, fun, informative and productive.  Suitable for all levels, beginners are particularly welcome.

□   Bristle Acrylic Flat Brushes Size 0,2,4,8, Optional size 12,20

□   Bristle Filbert Brushes size 2,4,8,12

□   Acrylic Paint (see colour list)

□   Stretched Canvas 8″ x 10″

□   Stretched Canvas 11″ x 14″

□   Stretched Canvas 16″ x 20″

□   2 Water bucket

□   clean cloth

□   mixing dish / palette

Colour list

□   Alizarin Crimson

□   Cadmium Red Deep

□   Magenta

□   Vermillion

□   Burnt Sienna

□   Burnt Umber

□   Ultra Marine Blue

□   Cerulean Blue

□   Phathlo Blue

□   Cyan

□   Mauve or Phathlo Violet

□   Cadmium Yellow Light

□   Yellow Ochre

□   Primary Yellow

□   Viridian green

□   Hooker’s Green

□   Mars Black

□   White

□   Acrylic Gel