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Chinese Brush Painting Kit

Over my many years of teaching and in my own artist’s statement, I have said that to paint is to create a harmonious balance of space – within and beyond the canvas. This holds especially true for Chinese painting, where the relative technical simplicity of the art belies the sensitivity and sensibility for composition that develops over time. Indeed, in my nearly thirty years of experience as an art instructor, I have seen that Chinese painting is remarkably easy to learn and satisfying to do, but is also difficult to master. In this book, I’ll show you the techniques I’ve used and taught over many years – techniques that are tried and proven, and will, with practice and dedication, result in the ability to render an array of traditional and non-traditional subjects.

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Chinese Brush Painting Option

Chinese Watercolour Instructional DVD
Regardless of your skill level as an artist I hope that this DVD has given you an opportunity to have fun using a brush loaded with colors, and has inspired you with all of the possibilities of Chinese Brush painting. A word of advice: after 30 years of teaching, I see that diligent practice is the only key to success in any style
of painting!

 Introduction to Chinese Watercolour Material  Great Blue Heron DVD  chickadee  prawn





Introduction to Chinese Watercolour
How to Paint Great Blue Heron How to Paint Chickadee How to Paint Spotted Prawn

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