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Chinese Brushes

We sell only high quality brushes.

Our Specialty brushes are all hand-made and approved by the artist to ensure its highest quality required for a successful painting.

At the start of any journey to master a new art form, you need to learn how to use materials inherent to that discipline. In the case of Chinese painting, there are a few differences from the materials used in Western watercolor painting. What especially differentiates the two practices is the emphasis in Chinese painting on loading the brush with a variety of different colors at one time, something that I will explain in more detail in the Materials DVD. For the time being, though, what is important to note is how different brushes achieve different results and how important it is to use quality paper that can absorb paint while at the same time allowing the paint to spread or bleed to some degree.

We’ve simplifed the brushes required for all painting subject. Each brush is selected to give the optimum range of masterpiece strokes needed for each different task a brush artist might encounter in their painting. We recommend four brushes for our student and some brushes are optional for advance student.