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It’s fun to paint in the outdoors!

My plein air painting workshop on June 15th was a fantastic experience for my students and my family. It was hot and sunny in the beginning and it got windy in the afternoon.

Many students who don’t have much experience will often feel frustrated and disappointed when they begin to paint outdoors. However, knowing how to use the right equipment, learning to paint in a systematic way and using the right painting medium helps one to paint more effectively.

The frustration is usually caused by many variables and uncontrollable factors. The scene and lighting are constantly changing. For example, it was low tide when we started and the water was almost touching our feet when we finished. The paints dry quickly due to the heat and wind, the colour and light change due to the movement of clouds…etc, so one can see how environmental factors affect the outcome of a painting. However, these¬†experiences are part of the lesson in learning in a plein air workshop.

I was pleased with the final painting of all the participants and enjoyed how each of the paintings was different. Considering the limited time we had, all of them did a very good job. As well, each participant learned about colour mixing, painting composition, outdoor painting preparation, and location selection.

Of course, my daughter Jasmine had lots of fun playing and painting. And finally, I would like to thank you Tri-Art again for sponsoring the professional liquid acrylic paint & mediums.

These are some of the photos we took during the workshop.