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Luminary – painting opal like colour

Date:          August 15, 2012 (Wednesday)

Time:          10:00am – 3:00pm

Location:    Danny Chen Art Studio, Richmond

Contact:     Danny or Hilda Chen (604)277-8111


This is your chance to explore the fantastic range of materials and techniques available with Tri-Art’s many gels, grounds and pastes. Using the beautifully intense Tri-Art High Viscosity and Fluids Acrylic Colours, including the range of Iridescent and Interference colours and mix media materials, you will learn how to make a painting looks like the opal gemstone. Enjoy the opportunity to explore a range of textural effects and create unique surfaces. This workshop aims to give you the confidence to experiment and to find the right materials for your creative vision. There will be loads of products on hand for you to try and you will leave with some artworks of your own. Paint and paint canvas board are provided. Beginners to advance students are welcomed.