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Weekly painting Zoom class for Watercolor & Chinese brush painting

Welcome to Danny Chen Art Studio

Join our online classes – you will be painting step by step with Danny, interact with other participant and seek immediate feedback and advice, just like attending one of Danny’s painting classes in real life

Original Paintings created from classes

Shop our online store to see more paintings for sale!  All paintings are original and one of a kind.  Click on each painting to see the full view. These painting were done on location, in the classroom or in our online class as demonstrations.

Other resources to support learning

As an artist and art teacher I love sharing painting tips, news, paintings and tutorials with people around the world. Over the years we have developed books and videos to make learning a more enjoyable journey for artists.

Member Reviews on our online classes

Danny is one of the best art instructor/ art mentor I’ve ever encountered. He is patience to his students, very positive and generous to share his knowledge/ techniques and skills to his class. He lets your artistic creativity run. Introduces new techniques to combine the best of world of Chinese brush painting and Western art. His classes are accessible to all levels. Both of them, Danny and Hilda (his wife) are very accommodating, even after the class you reach them anytime for any questions. Definitely, you can say that Danny mastered his craft in all aspects. Once you’re in Danny’s class, you will have the opportunity to submit your artwork for critique. All on line classes are recorded, so if you missed a session, you can still access and catch up. So, what are you waiting for ? Come and join the class and have fun and produce a master piece of your own.

Danny’s art classes has been the inspiration and joy – I looking forward to every weekend. Besides learning how to paint, we also learn about Chinese art history, various style of paintings, the function of paper, brushes and ink. Through these classes, I spend more time appreciating the flowers that I did not notice before during my daily walk ..and now I am excited to “discover and study” so I could paint them better. I find the classes to be fun and challenging at the same time. Thank you Danny and Hilda for setting up these online classes so we could learn at the comfort of our homes and then practicing in front of the recordings. Thank you for making “stay at home” so joyful.

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