Danny Chen Art Studio

Weekly painting Zoom class for Watercolor & Chinese brush painting

About Danny

To paint is to create a harmonious space – within and beyond the canvas. ~Danny Han-Lin Chen

Personal Art Achievements

Danny Han-Lin Chen began studying art at a very young age when he started his training in oil painting. His instructors, many of Master Artist status, encouraged him early by entering his works in world-class competitions in such countries as Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Germany, USA and Canada. Danny consistently won high honors, which encouraged him even further. 

Art Classes and Workshop

Danny is a popular painting instructor backed by 40 years of teaching experience, diversity in art knowledge and compassion to create and paint. He teaches techniques in different media such as pencil, Chinese brush painting, watercolor, acrylic and Oil. His teaching footprints can be found throughout North America.


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Best St. Patrick's Day Float


"Search of Excellence"
Honorable Mention

Prince George, B.C.

Annual Exhibition Honorable Mention

Federation of Canadian Artists

(2015)People's Choice Awards - Images & Objects VI


Abante Awards Honorable Mention

Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

2009 Port Metro Vancouver Award