To paint is to create a harmonious space
– within and beyond the canvas.

~ Danny Han-Lin Chen 

Danny Han-Lin Chen began studying art at a very young age. At first, he concentrated on watercolour and oils-honing his skills through hours and hours of devoted practice. His instructors, many of Master Artist status, encouraged him early by entering his works in world-class competitions in such countries as Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Germany, USA and Canada. Danny consistently won high honors, which encouraged him even further.

The Federation of Canadian Artists, AFCA

Becoming a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists in 1984 has enhanced his presence on the art scene. His ability seems to be limited only by the number of hours in a day. Danny is driven, constantly developing his ideas. If he doesn't have time to work on the piece at the time, that's okay. He'll work on it when he gets the time. And when he has solitary time in his studio he produces many high quality

Reverence for Nature

Today, Danny is respected for his accomplishments in Canada and abroad. A small sampling of his many awards of distinction can be found on this website, just to give you an overview. His time spent in the community also left its mark on Danny. When he moved to the Lower Mainland, Danny brought with him a strong reverence for Nature and a love of fly-fishing.